This is a demo for a turn-based 2D demake of Phantasy Star Online as it appeared on the Gamecube!

It's currently single-player only, though I may end up implementing a local co-op plug-in for that old school split-screen experience!


Four pre-made characters make up your party, of the following classes: HUnewearl, HUcast, RAmar, FOnewearl. Their stats can be customized via equipment, MAG feeding, and permanent stat boost items called Materials.

This demo includes all Techniques available in PSO, plus some new ones that emulate the effects of getting higher level techs! It also has nine different weapon types with five tiers in each. There are five tiers of each type of armor as well.

Forest 1 and 2 plus the boss are playable, along with the first of several quests, Maximum Attack 1.

Originally, the game used mostly stock graphics and sounds, but I quickly realized that the experience was greatly improved by having PSO sounds and music and enemy graphics, so I'm glad I took the time to finish adding all that in before releasing the demo. Not everything I plan to include is in yet, however.

Future plans!

This is just a demo showing off the game mechanics and the first of four areas. I plan to recreate all of Episode 1, hence the title. I do not intend to include storyline quests, or most actual quests, for that matter. Some may be based on existing popular quests, some may be all original.

There are many more features that need to be implemented, including units, Photon Blasts, MAG evolution, weapon specials, and SPECIAL WEAPONs.

One day I may convert it into a true local co-op version of PSO complete with character creation, Episode 2 and maybe even Episode 4. But right now the goal is to complete Episode 1 and get all the remaining features in.

For more on current and planned features, please check out my first Devlog for this game here! You can reach me on Discord, too: Winterfeed#1025. I now have a server dedicated to readers and players of my games, join it here:


Controls: On the Windows version, keyboard bindings can be modified in the game options. Here are the default controls:

Cursor/move - Arrow keys, left click, one-finger tap

Confirm/Select - Z, Space, Enter, left click, one-finger tap

Cancel/Open menu - X, Esc, Numpad 0, right click, two-finger tap

Dash - Shift (can be made always on in options)

Full screen - F4 (browser mode retains default resolution for me, let me know if it's different for you)

FPS/Latency monitor - F2

Reset game - F5

UPDATE: Browser version is available now! It works on mobile too (only Google Chrome tested)! First-time loading can take a few minutes. Saves are shared with other RPG Maker MV browser games. Download version is for Windows, please let me know if you need a Mac or Linux version (these tend to be buggier and I have no way of testing them).


Yanfly - Lots of awesome RPG Maker scripts!

SumRndmDde - Action sequence input script!

Sega and Sonic Team - For creating PSO and for various assets used in this game.

Install instructions

  1. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.
  2. Run game.exe and play!


Download 160 MB
Version 7 Oct 29, 2018

Development log


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Known issues:

  • For some reason, the shop says Sarah can't equip any weapons, but that's not true. She can equip sabers, handguns, canes, rods and wands. She's still subject to the stat requirements, though.
    • Completely fixed! Small side effect, the basic Saber is now equippable by everyone from the start.
  • Music does not loop properly, it just restarts from the beginning. It can be jarring with certain tracks.
  • The music switching mechanic in the city is a little weird, it may make you take a step back for seemingly no reason sometimes. I am aware of it and looking for a way to fix it.
  • Some mobile devices may not support certain sounds/music in the HTML5 version. Some sounds inexplicably don't work in my desktop browser, either.